7 Tools for the Product Owner

2019-06-04 09:00 to2019-06-05 17:00(Europe/Tallinn)


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The Modern Product Owner is both Thoughtful & Agile.

Taught by Dr. Alistair Cockburn 

        Dr. Alistair Cockburn -  One of the original authors of the Agile Manifesto. Voted in "The All-Time Top 150 iTechnology Heroes" for his work in Use Cases and Agile Software Development

        Internationally renowned strategist, author of the Jolt award-winning Agile Software Development and Writing Effective Use Cases, he co-created the Agile Manifesto, the Declaration of Interdepen-dence, the Agile Project Leadership Network and the International Consortium for Agile and the latest Heart of Agile..

        Dr. Cockburn is an expert on agile development, project management, process design, use cases, and object-oriented development.

        Visit http://heartofagile.com to learn more. 


            Aia 7, II floor
        +372 56476512


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        Alistair Cockburn

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