Advanced SQL + Performance workshop

2019-01-16 09:00 to2019-01-17 17:00(Europe/Tallinn)


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What In It For Me

"You will be able to read and write advanced SQL effectively after this course."

Trainer Lukas Eder

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    Outline Day 1 – SQL Functionality
    • Introduction to the course databases and revision of core SQL constructs
    • Advanced constructs, such as row value expressions and hierarchical SQL A
    • Applying window functions for complex calculations within the database
    • Modern use of DML (e.g. using MERGE instead of INSERT and UPDATE)
    • Using esoteric data types (json, hstore, arrays, composite types, ranges etc…)
    Outline Day 2 – SQL Performance

    • The inner workings of an index
    • The cost-based optimizer
    • Why constraints are so important for performance
    • Writing performant predicates
    • Faster DML
    • Antipatterns, myths, and best practices


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    Lukas Eder

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