Kanban Systems Improvement

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Training dates are 30 January and 1, 3, 6, 8, 10 February

We invite you to the training course "Kanban Systems Improvement" (also known as Kanban Management Professional 2 or KMP2). This class includes the necessary amount of information to boost your Kanban implementation. My metaphor for this class is that it provides students with additional lego blocks for building and implementing your Kanban system. This course is the official training class of Kanban University, founded by David Anderson – author of the Kanban method. All participants will receive an official internationally recognized certificate of attendance from Kanban University as well as a "Kanban Management Professional" credential.

As this class is a “next step” in the Kanban learning roadmap and uses concepts thought in the previous course (like the STATIK approach) this is required that all visitors had previously visited KU class “Kanban System Design” or KMP1.

Knowledge obtained over the 2 courses is enough to build the system of value delivery based on the Kanban method in your organization. For this reason, participants receive Kanban Management Professional status from Kanban University.

Training is particularly suitable for those who:

  • wants to understand deeper concepts behind the Kanban method;
  • are going to implement Kanban in their work environment and are going to deal with potential resistance;
  • work more on the "Discovery" side, rather than the "Delivery" side, and wants to understand more about product management in Kanban.

Besides that, training helps synchronize understanding of Kanban for all participants and introduces a common "language" of terms – equally understand the terms, practices, and, most importantly, the purpose of process improvement using Kanban systems.

    • Overview of the Kanban method
      • History, principles, values
    • Internal and external sources of variability and dissatisfaction with the process
    • Analysis between the system’s demand and capacity
    • Risk management with Kanban: Classes of Service
    • Kanban system design
      • Ticket design
      • Kanban boards design
      • Limiting work in progress (WIP)
      • Making policies explicit
    • Queues, flow control, metrics, measurements
      • Little's Law
      • Cumulative Flow Diagram
      • Lead time distribution chart
      • Control chart
    • Meetings in Kanban
    • Full-Scale simulation of the Kanban system
  • High-quality training from the leading education provider in the Kanban space
  • Training materials
  • Certificate of completion from the Kanban University
  • "Kanban Management Professional" credential from the Kanban University
  • 16 SEU (Scrum education unit) for your CSP certification from Scrum Alliance
  • 16 PDU for PMI members (that could be used for prolongation of PMP and PMI-ACP certifications)
  • Ability and knowledge to change your organization
  • After the class support: 10 nano-coaching sessions (10 minutes per session) to address challenges associated with the implementation of the Kanban method

Yuri Talyzin, Project Manager:

“About KMP training (Kanban System Design, Kanban Management Professional Classes, 4 days). That was most useful training which I attended. High density program, high utility, many tasty features, the highest professionalism of the training, precise and detailed answers to the questions. The training exceeded my expectations although it happens very seldom.

Organization of the event (coffee, lunches etc.) was also nice. I haven’t regretted about any hour spent. This is the course that has really brought tangible benefit. Thank you, Kirill!”

Kate Sushkova, ScrumMaster:

“I attended 2 classes Kirill leaded - KMP I and KMP II. I definitely recommend those classes and Kirill personally as a coach. Kirill takes a scientific approach when describing concepts, he does this through real coaching, asking lots of questions. I would also note he is a highly educated and experienced person, there were no question we didn't get a wise answer for. From now I am interested in other classes he is going to lead, not just kanban.”

Sergey Prodanov, Agile Project Manager:

“I was lucky to attend a Kanban Management Professional courses where Kirill was a coach. That was a perfect combination of intense training course and very experienced coach.

Kirill can answer any question with practical example and detailed explanation. Also Kirill has unique ability to create an informal atmosphere explaining such a difficult and complex topics as analytics and metrics. That allowed me to absorb all that information in very easy and fast way.

I can definitely recommend Kirill as Agile and Kanban coach.”



Kirill Klimov

Kirill Klimov helps organizations use modern management methods and frameworks to drive change within an organization so that it becomes an awesome workplace and deliver the best to its customers.

In the past, Kirill wore different hats – web developer, servers and networks engineer, project manager, general manager, people manager, consultant, trainer, and coach within e-commerce, travel, financial sectors. Most of his professional career Kirill spent with distributed development in this or another way. He started and was in charge of the offshore development office of an international company in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Kirill drives Agile transformations and adoptions in large distributed projects and small teams since 2008.
Kirill holds a mix of different certifications from various institutions; he is actively involved in the life of the Agile community as a speaker and organizer of various conferences, events, meet-ups, and so forth.

Kirill offers public classes on Kanban and other new management approaches as well as private onsite classes as a part of consulting work with companies. Those could be certified or non-certified classes. Feel free to get in touch to discuss how Kirill could help you.

Date & Time
January 30, 2023
Start - 2:00 PM
February 10, 2023
End - 6:00 PM Europe/Tallinn



Kirill Klimov


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