Layered, hexagonal, clean - A brief history of architectural patterns and a glimpse of the future

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You want to become a more productive software developer? Then systematic and visual problem solving is what you should focus on first. Effective and clean code starts long before you write the first line of code: it starts in your head.        
                                                             Trainer:Ralf Westphal 

Ralf Westphal ( is trainer, consultant, coach for software architecture and clean code development.

In 2008 he founded a clean code development initiative in Germany with a colleague. They were excited by Robert C. Martin’s book „Clean Code“ and thought that’s an important topic which needed more attention. Since then a discussion group on clean code on the German XING platform (a service like LinkedIn) has attracted more than 4500 members.

He has done dozens of talks on the subject at developer conferences, written many, many articles on it, and have delivered more than 500 training days to hundreds of developers.

His focus is on sustainable software development and making teams fit for a VUCA world. Since 1997 Ralf also has written extensively in blogs „(e.g.", magazines, and books. In addition he's been a speaker at developer conferences in Germany, Europe and abroad for the past 20+ years.


Date & Time
November 22, 2018
5:00 PM 7:00 PM Europe/Tallinn


+372 56476512

Ralf Westphal

--Ralf Westphal--

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