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Agile is the must. Agile is all around - agile marketing, agile development, agile HR, agile ... you name it!Agile became a buzzword. Companies doing only practices losing they ability to keep the holistic vision. Ceremonies creates illusion of meaningful work and hope to keep up with changes happening around. As a result - our field report shows decrease in people motivation and dropping velocity in value creation.600 real life experiments conducted in large technology company was the initial foundation of LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum). 10+ years of community's practice and discoveries coined in the LeSS core principles and simplification guidelines for the large organisational structures and processes. LeSS created practical framework to keep distributed development teams aligned with the business goals and motivated. LeSS help organisations to reduce management waste and to deliver value to the end users faster.This event will help you to get overview of LeSS and start your journey to the new culture and value creating business. It first covers principles and later about practicalities.

Alek Kozlov:

Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) for Business Agility!

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This is repeat of my talk from the last Agile Saturday for those who couldn't make it :)Agile development vs development agilityAgile Business vs Business Agility

Misunderstanding in these concepts can turn the scrum into tool for sub-optimisation and can eventually ruin the business (large company).

LeSS (Large-Scaled Scrum) is changing everything in the space of business agility. It sets the emphasises on the holistic view, right topics, roles, mindsets and help to avoid danger of sub-optimisation. I will talk how Large-Scaled Scrum (LeSS) is filling the missing links in a large company journey to successful and competitive business.

Alexey Krivitsky 
"Culture Follows Structure"

"Alexey Krivitsky, an agile coach and a CST with agiletrainings.eu, will do a workshop on organizational design. 
We will try to exlore the impact structural decisions are making on the organizational culture. Can you change the culture by changing the structure? I personally think so. And the journey starts with understanding how certain structural decisions (e.g. an dedication  platform team, a role of an architect, separate mobile teams lacking backend skills, dividing a large product into sub-products, etc) affect behaviors, habits and eventually the culture of an organization. 

Date & Time
June 8, 2017
6:30 PM 9:00 PM Europe/Tallinn

Hotel Oru, Hotel Oru

Narva mnt 120b
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