Maximum impact, minimum effort

2019-03-13 16:30 to2019-03-13 19:00(Europe/Tallinn)


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A big government IT project delivered two years ahead of schedule. A fraud detection initiative saving tens of millions more than predicted. An app that helped a city rebuild faster after a major disaster and save ten times more money than expected.  Learn how early adopters use impact mapping to create big impacts and minimize effort, from large government departments to innovative consultancies and small startups.


This talk is based on an extensive research with commercial organisations, government departments and non-profit agencies from all over the world. Gojko will present real-world case studies and distill their experience into useful tips that will enable you to speed up adoption, avoid common pitfalls and reach your goals faster    


Aia 7
    Tallinn 10111
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Gojko Adzic

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