New! Team Kanban Practitioner

2020-02-26 09:00 to2020-02-26 17:00(Europe/Tallinn)

--BCS Koolitus--

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This introductory 1-day class will enable you to start using and getting benefits of Kanban on a team level. 

Kirill Klimov 


                                                                      1.  Overview of the Kanban method
                                                                        1. history, principles, values
                                                                      2. Easy to learn simulation of Kanban system using a game
                                                                      3. Understanding Kanban systems
                                                                      4. Classes of service as a risk management approach
                                                                      5. Proto Kanban
                                                                        1. Personal Kanban
                                                                        2. Aggregated Personal
                                                                        3. KanbanTeam Kanban
                                                                        4. Per person WIP limit
                                                                        5. Aggregated Team Kanban
                                                                      6. Designing a Kanban board
                                                                      7. How-to set WIP limits
                                                                      8. Kanban cadences: meetings and reviews
                                                                      9. Commitment & Replenishment 



                                                                      --BCS Koolitus--


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                                                                      Kirill Klimov

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