New! User Experience Design training

2018-08-22 09:00 to2018-08-23 17:00(Europe/Tallinn)


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User Experience Design training


The main goal of the course is to gain a strong skill in creating and managing user experience.


                                                                      Implementation of the websites

                                                                       sometimes can be very rigid and stressful but one thing always remains simple – how the user feels. Satisfaction of the users are always a key in any business. Here in this 2-day course, we will teach you how you can make your clients satisfied by your service. We will introduce different techniques and technologies which are available to help you increase the level of user experience in your service so that you can grow your business faster and better. You will be updated on different technologies helping you do the wire framing, user testing, user journey mapping, creating personas, scenarios and etc. Plus, you will participate in the course workshop and work with other peers to see how you can be involved in a team of designers to deliver a solid UX/UI work.

                                                                      • Information sharing
                                                                      • Building a good user experience
                                                                      • User experience definition
                                                                      • User interface definition
                                                                      • User interaction definition
                                                                      • Different types of design
                                                                      • Providing structure to the contents
                                                                      • Different reasons why people leave your website
                                                                      • Home page should be your site's summary
                                                                      • Having a call to action
                                                                      • Using different types of media
                                                                      • Using the right graphics 
                                                                      • Using the right font face
                                                                      • Providing consistency, efficiency, and satisfaction


                                                                      Aia 7
                                                                          Tallinn 10111
                                                                      +372 680 68 80
                                                                      +372 56825958


                                                                      From '2018-08-22 09:00
                                                                      To '2018-08-23 17:00


                                                                      Amir Zare Pashaei

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