Online! DevOps:Extreme Automation

2022-05-23 09:00 to2022-05-25 17:00(Europe/Tallinn)

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DevOps: Extreme Automation training

This is a 3-day online course focused on solving challenges that organization's face when implementing automation and DevOps initiatives.

Andrey Adamovich 

                                                                      Day 1

                                                                      Module 01: introduction to DevOps, infrastructure as code, immutable infrastructure, idempotence principle, delivery pipelines, GitOps

                                                                      Module 02: managing virtual/cloud resources with IaC, tooling overview, building first infrastructure configuration pipeline with Terraform

                                                                      Module 03: managing multi-cloud/multi-data-center resources with Terraform and Terraform modules

                                                                      Module 04: integrating with classic server provisioning tools like Ansible

                                                                      Module 05: dynamic inventories, network management, building complex infrastructure delivery pipelines, organizing team work

                                                                      Module 06: managing base machine images with Packer

                                                                      Day 2

                                                                      Module 07: introduction to containers and container management

                                                                      Module 08: building/publishing images, running containers with Docker

                                                                      Module 09: implementing complex use cases with Docker Compose

                                                                      Module 10: using Kubernetes to run container workloads

                                                                      Module 11: using Helm charts and Kubernetes operators

                                                                      Module 12: leveraging service mesh features with Linkerd

                                                                      Day 3

                                                                      Module 13: introduction to observability: logs, metrics, traces

                                                                      Module 14: configuring Prometheus jobs and exporters, creating Grafana data sources and dashboards

                                                                      Module 15: DevSecOps: integrating linters, security policy checkers, vulnerability scanners

                                                                      Module 16: leveraging managed FaaS: OpenFaaS, Kubeless and Serverless

                                                                      Module 17: implementing a chat bot for Slack for effective ChatOps

                                                                      Module 18: introduction to chaos engineering





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                                                                      Andrey Adamovich

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