Prosci® Change Management Certification Program

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This Prosci’s Change Management Certification Program

gives you the tools, know-how and support you need to drive successful change going forward.

During this three-day experiential session, you’ll apply Prosci’s methodology and ADKAR Model to one of your active projects. In addition to learning Prosci’s best-practices approach to change management and gaining access to our industry-leading tools, you and your peers can share challenges, solutions and insights. Graduates earn the distinction of being a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner.

Language: The training will be held in English 

Trainer: Your trainers will be Ekke Sööt and Liis Paemurru (see below for bio)

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The Prosci® Change Management methodology is a systematic and holistic approach that guides organizations to realize the benefits of their change initiatives. It also aims at building internal, organizational capabilities to deal swiftly and efficiently with the ever-increasing number of changes. The Change Management Prosci® methodology is built around two fundamental models: one developed to deal with change at a personal level and the other to deal with change at an organizational level.

The model for personal change is based on ADKAR®, an acronym that stands for AwarenessDesireKnowledgeAbility and Reinforcement.

The model for organizational change is realized through the Three Phase Model with defined steps and tools for every phase:

  • Prepare Approach
  • Manage Change
  • Sustain Outcomes 

The models are based on Prosci® research on best practices from about 3,000 organizations worldwide. Prosci® has developed tools, templates, and checklists, to help develop a Change Management strategy and plans and to evaluate progress. That’s what makes Prosci® the first choice of the 80% of Fortune 100 companies and the reason why we chose this methodology.

Prosci® Five Tenets of Change Management

The Five Tenets provide context and an understanding of the value of Change Management in terms of project success, and can be useful to introduce your Change Management initiative to the project team or to the senior leaders:

  1. We change for a reason
  2. Organizational change requires individual change
  3. Organizational outcomes are the collective result of individual change
  4. Change management is an enabling framework for managing the people side of change
  5. We apply change management to realize the benefits and desired outcomes of change

      DAY 1

      • Welcome and Connection
      • Why do we need change management?
      • What are the critical change project success factors and how does our project stand against these? (Prosci Change Triangle Model)
      • How to achieve successful change adoption one person at a time? (ADKAR Model)
      • Prosci 3-Phase Process, Phase 1 – Prepare Approach: What are we trying to achieve? Who has to do their jobs differently and how?

      DAY 2

      • Prosci 3-Phase Process, Phase 1 – Prepare Approach: What will it take to achieve success? Defining risk, resistance, resources, roles and roadmap
      • Prosci 3-Phase Process, Phase 2 – Manage Change: What will we do to prepare, equip and support people? Building ADKAR blueprint and change plans for your project

      DAY 3

      • Prosci 3-Phase Process, Phase 2 – Manage Change: How are we doing? What adjustments do we need to make?
      • Prosci 3-Phase Process, Phase 3 – Sustain Outcomes: How do we review performance, activate sustainment and transfer ownership?
      • Deliver project presentations
      • Next Steps and Evaluation
      • Graduation

We encourage and welcome anyone to attend Prosci’s Change Management Certification Program. You’ll find this program especially beneficial if you are responsible for driving change on a team or across an organization.

Our most frequent attendees are:

  • Change leaders
  • Project managers
  • Change management practitioners
  • Continuous improvement specialists
  • IT professionals
  • Human resource business partners
  • Organizational development professionals
  • Project team members


Become Certified via Flexible Learning Options

Learn Prosci’s industry-leading change management methodology in either an online or in-person environment. Either way, you'll interact with peers, participate in focused breakout sessions, and more.

Grow Your Change Management Skills

Gain access to proven change management tools and methodologies, Prosci change management experts, and 25 years of industry research. And set yourself apart in the marketplace.

Help Meet the Strategic Objectives of Your Organization

Drive efficiencies and increase project ROI. Help employees adapt to change and improve company culture. Build your organization’s change competency one practitioner at a time.

Once you become a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner, you will:

Receive Your Prosci Badge 

Celebrate your certification by sharing your digital credential badge in your email signature, on your resume, and on social media platforms.

Join a Dynamic Network of Practitioners

Collaborate with other practitioners in the Prosci Change Management Users Group on LinkedIn.

Have Support Available

Prosci is here for you as you move forward on your practitioner journey.

Leverage Exclusive, Industry-Leading Tools

Receive a one-year subscription to digital content, resources and tools in the Prosci Hub Solution Suite.

What is included?

As a course participant, you gain access to industry-leading content and tools:

Ekke Sööt

Change Partners, managing partner/consultant. Certified expert of Prosci methodologies (USA) and importer of Prosci solutions to the Baltics and Finland. Over 2500 managers from 25+ countries have participated in his change workshops. MSc from University of Oxford (dissertation on change management).


Liis Paemurru

10+ years of experience in the pesonal sector: trainer, recruiter, HR business partner and strategic manager. Additional training: Change Practitioner certificate (Change Partners);Prosci Change management Train the trainer programm (USA,Prosci); The Coaching Skills Certificate (AoEC - The Academy of Executive Coaching) jt


Date & Time
December 7, 2022
Start - 9:00 AM
December 9, 2022
End - 5:00 PM Europe/Tallinn



Ekke Sööt and Liis Paemurru

--Ekke Sööt and Liis Paemurru--

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