Specification by Example

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Specification by Example 

 is a collaborative way of getting to the right requirements and tests very very quickly in a short iterative process. 

 Trainer Gojko Adzic

                                It was great- don't miss an opportunity to attend- Tatiana Veremeeva, system analyst, Helmes

                                This training was pragmatic, interesting, fun-. Mart Sõmermaa, architect/scrum master/software engineer CGI Eesti AS

                                Three adjectives or phrases that describe this training are: 1. Communication is the key 2. Development speed is the speed of the slavest person 3. Always try to bring examples. -Margarita Artamonova, system analyst,  Kühne - Nagel

                                I initially wanted to attend Gojko's course on Agile Acceptance Testing because I wanted to learn about test automation and how to do it well. As a product owner, I came to realize that I was going to have to change a lot of what I did. I needed to learn how to make requirements definite, unambiguous, atomic - not only so that they might be an input into an automation process but also because I want to create something the whole company can understand, something that is concise to read and something I can easily keep up to date.- Patrick O'Malley, Product Manager, Yahoo Inc.

                                The best course I’ve attended in my career. I loved that the instructor challenged us to think for ourselves and did not give us the answers straight away.- Trond Svensen, SITS

                                Date & Time
                                March 12, 2020
                                Start - 9:00 AM
                                March 13, 2020
                                End - 5:00 PM Europe/Tallinn


                                +372 56476512

                                Gojko Adzic


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