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Training dates are 15,17 and 19 August.

We invite you to the training course "Team Kanban Practitioner". This introductory course will enable you to start using and getting the benefits of Kanban on a team level. This course is the official training class of Kanban University, founded by David Anderson – author of the Kanban method. All participants will receive an official internationally recognized certificate of attendance from Kanban University as well as a "Team Kanban Practitioner" credential.

This program is designed for professionals who are responsible for process optimization, business performance, and project management: managers, IT directors, heads of departments, middle managers, team leaders, project managers, technical managers, engineers, and anyone who is interested in the results of the work of the various groups of people. Also, this training will be useful to ScrumMasters, who want to help their teams to get to the next level.

Training is particularly suitable for those who:

  • want to understand and evaluate if Kanban is suitable for their work environment,
  • wants to start working with Kanban systems and look for initial support.

In this course, we explore how Kanban systems work. We are not building a Kanban system. If you already heard about Kanban, looks like it may help you, so you want to learn more and build the system for your context – this is not the right class for you, you should go to “Kanban System Design”.

Besides that, training helps synchronize understanding of Kanban for all participants and introduces a common "language" of terms – equally understand the terms, practices, and, most importantly, the purpose of process improvement using Kanban systems.

  • Overview of the Kanban method
    • History, principles, values
  • Easy to learn simulation of Kanban system using a game
  • Understanding Kanban systems
  • Classes of service as a risk management approach
  • Proto Kanban patterns:
    • Personal Kanban
    • Aggregated Personal Kanban
    • Team Kanban
    • Per person WIP limit
    • Aggregated Team Kanban
    • Constant WIP (CONWIP)
  • Designing a Kanban board
  • How-to set WIP limits
  • Kanban cadences: meetings and reviews
  • Commitment & Replenishment
  • High-quality training from the leading education provider in Kanban
  • Training materials
  • Membership and online profile at Kanban University
  • Certificate of completion from the Kanban University
  • "Team Kanban Practitioner" credential from the Kanban University
  • 8 SEU (Scrum education unit) for your CSP certification from Scrum Alliance
  • 8 PDU for PMI members (that could be used for prolongation of PMP and PMI-ACP certifications)
  • Ability and knowledge to change your organization

Michael Glavaskyh, team leader:

“Quite energetic and informative training. Great initiative in a SCRUM world ;)”

Aleksandr Serdiukov, Team Lead:

“I highly recommend this training to those who want most effectively and quickly master the kanban and start using it in their work.”

Dmitry Borshchanenko, ScrumMaster:

“This training has perfectly structured my knowledge about Kanban from different sources, and brought a lot of new ideas that I'll be implementing with the team tomorrow.”

Olga Avramenko, QA manager:

“Thank you very much for the interesting and useful information. The training helped me to look at the process from the other side, expanded horizons.”

Sergiy Ivashyn, Analyst, Facilitator, Scientist:

“I'm always excited to take a class from Kirill. He trains in a very uncommon way, stimulating to think, produce insights and work closely with fellow trainees to derive solutions.

Every class from Kirill I've attended so far has contributed significantly to the way I think about professional challenges and personal life.”

Sergey Prodanov, Agile Project Manager:

“I was lucky to attend a Kanban Management Professional courses where Kirill was a coach. That was a perfect combination of intense training course and very experienced coach.

Kirill can answer any question with practical example and detailed explanation. Also Kirill has unique ability to create an informal atmosphere explaining such a difficult and complex topics as analytics and metrics. That allowed me to absorb all that information in very easy and fast way.

I can definitely recommend Kirill as Agile and Kanban coach.”



Kirill Klimov

Kirill Klimov helps organizations use modern management methods and frameworks to drive change within an organization so that it becomes an awesome workplace and deliver the best to its customers.

In the past, Kirill wore different hats – web developer, servers and networks engineer, project manager, general manager, people manager, consultant, trainer, and coach within e-commerce, travel, financial sectors. Most of his professional career Kirill spent with distributed development in this or another way. He started and was in charge of the offshore development office of an international company in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Kirill drives Agile transformations and adoptions in large distributed projects and small teams since 2008.
Kirill holds a mix of different certifications from various institutions; he is actively involved in the life of the Agile community as a speaker and organizer of various conferences, events, meet-ups, and so forth.

Kirill offers public classes on Kanban and other new management approaches as well as private onsite classes as a part of consulting work with companies. Those could be certified or non-certified classes. Feel free to get in touch to discuss how Kirill could help you.

Date & Time
August 15, 2022
Start - 2:00 PM
August 19, 2022
End - 6:00 PM Europe/Tallinn

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Kirill Klimov

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