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Nowadays we know how does scrum works, how to use TDD practices to automate tests, we have tools supporting effectiveness of the development process, but still, after 15 years Agile Manifesto was signed, we don't have similar, out of the box, product ownership guidelines.

Henrik Kniberg (Crisp AB) combined best practices and in his cartoon brilliantly described the Product Ownership high level flow, he even gave some hints to some very useful reporting tools. Still, for you to master your product management skills  you will need to look for bits and pieces around the net, forums, conferences to compile your working set of tools and practices.

To help you in this journey we at DevTraining carefully picking a best set of the practical training courses to give these tools faster. Check out the list of topics we consider important for every product owner working with agile team or want to start to develop in agile way.

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Remove it if you want to get rid of agile

We been hearing that retrospective is not useful, these are not adding a value to the team. Retros are just "one more meeting stealing very important time from the development". If that is true (and sad to admit - quite often that is) then it is better not to retrospect.

This video brings a lot of buzz words - TDD, Automated tests, Scrum, Velocity, Story Points, Shippable increments, Scrum Master, Development team. These buzz words are learned by majority of the software development organizations. Still stakeholders are not happy. Still they don't see the progress. What is preventing development teams to win the love of your customers. 

Creating the right environment for the effective retrospective where developers are really taking the ownership of the efficiency of they team work and process by swarming the problems and making all needed changes to over perform they commitments. How effective your retrospective defines how agile you are.

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